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In brief

Courses are easy and affordable prices, study only 3 days a week, 3 hours per lesson. The lessons are in the mornings from 09:00 to 12:00 or afternoon from 13:00 to 16:00, you can decide whether to attend in the morning or in the afternoon, PLUS we are located in the center of the City.



Intensive Chinese Courses are designed for students who want to improve Chinese as quickly and effectively as possible. Strongly recommended for those who want to pursuit degree study later on. 15 hours per week for approximately 18 weeks.


If you want to learn the language in a balanced a sustainable manner so as not to burn the initial enthusiasm, part-time courses are the choise for you. Reduced hours allow you the flexibility in exploring the City. 9-12 hours per week for 12-18 weeks per semester.


China has one of the oldest artistic and cultural traditions of the world; the ancient Chinese culture is still visible among populations. This sandwich course is your best choice to take approximately 3 weeks’ time to explore Chinese language and its culture.

Located in China’s economic centre- Shanghai, SUES has built up close relations with local industries. This 3 weeks summer course offers you lecture on Chinese way of thinking when doing business, as well as the opportunity to visit local industries and meet entrepreneurs doing business.

- Autumn semester - Classes start early September

- Spring semester - Classes start early March

- Short temrs course - Classes start April till end July

- Short temrs course - Classes start May end early August

- Short terms course - Classes start October till end January

- Short terms course - Classes start November till end January

+ We have also other dates available, please contact us for INFO!

NOTE: Some courses are available only when we reach a certain number of students, so contact us for more information.


It's possible to apply at any time.

- Intensive Chinese course - 8100rmb semester. (5 days per week)

- Part-Time Chinese course - 5292rmb semester. (3 days per week)

- Registration 200rmb (new students only)

- VISA documents 200rmb (if you need visa)

- Insurance 400rmb - (if you don't have already)

Passport, or copy of Passport if you apply from abroad

Copy of past VISAS

4 photos (documents format)

Temporary Residence Permit (Shanghai) - (you need it if already in China, if apply from abroad you will make it later once arrived in Shanghai)

Transfer Letter (if you are coming from another University here in China)

Certificate (if have study Chinese language before here in China or in any other place)

1) Choose the program: 3 or 5 days per week

2) Download the FORM

3) Fill the FORM, paste your photo, print it and bring at office once you are in Shanghai

4) Send by Email the Form, together with a passport copy and pasts Chinese Visas (if you have benn in China before), and specify whether you have studied Chinese language or not

5) After our confirmation send us 400rmb as for Registration FEE

6) We will foraward to your hometown an envelope within the documents to apply for VISA

7) Go to Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your Country and apply for VISA

This's how to register and get X2 VISA,

then since in Shanghai you need to apply for a X1 VISA which will allow you to stay till end of the course.


In order to avoid to pay twice the VISA you can pay the full course and so can apply for a X1 VISA in your hometown and that's valid till end of the curse.

For your knowledge

Student Visa is divided into X1 and X2. X1 is issued to foreigners who come to China for study, advanced studies, or fieldwork for more than 6 months. X2 is issued to foreigners who come to China with same purpose but for a period of less than 6 months.



Also Download a form to apply for a Chinese VISA, if you wish.



To those people who need a visa, we recommend to come in University's office at least two weeks before the visa expire.

Lost Passport in Shanghai with-in your VISA?


Miss Qian or Miss Grace

200336, Shanghai-China, Ke Chuang building, 350, Xian Xia rd. Room, 711 ( 仙霞路350号科创楼711室。)

| +86 021 62096501

| From 00:09 to 16:30 (Monday to Friday only)

How to reach the office?

Loushanguan rd Subway Station, line 2, exit 2, get out and walk straight in front of you until gubei rd, turn left and walk until Xianxia rd, turn right and walk until #350, then ask at the gate where the office is, or check a map and come as you wish.


Paolo Serio

| qq1146045057

| 18621300921

| +86 18621300921


| +86 021 62096501

| +39 02 700551018



Sandra Yang

| +86 021 62096501

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| SUES University

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